Garage Door Spring Replacement

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Did you hear a loud bang coming from the garage? Is your garage door only opening a few inches? You may have a broken spring causing your garage door to malfunction. This is extremely common and needs to be replaced by professionals. Replacing garage door springs is a complicated job and not something the homeowner should have to try and learn to do. Call the pros at South Florida Garage Doors to get your garage door springs replaced.

Whether your garage door needs an extension spring replacement or a torsion spring replacement South Florida Garage Doors can help. We will assess the damage or issues your garage door is having and let you know what type of replacement you're looking at.

Using your garage door with broken springs

Using your garage door with broken springs

Your garage door springs are there for an important reason. The springs are there to relieve tension on the door and the opener to help your garage function as a unit. When you continue to use your garage door opener with a broken spring it can seriously damage the whole system. This opens to so many more long-term issues down the road. Your garage door opener can get burnt out in no time if you continue to run it with out the proper tools needed to get the job done. It also causes a very unsafe surrounding. If your looking for garage door spring replacement services in Hollywood, Coral Springs & Fort Lauderdale, FL reach out to us today. We are here to help!